Welcome to Indian Premium Hub !

Welcome to Indian Premium Hub !

Posted on 01/03/2020

We launched Indian Premium Hub in view of providing cheap accounts to everyone and we did so in over 1½ Years. 🔱

Our primary focus was providing Netflix at cheap rates , we started from 30 rs per account to now currently 150 rs per account , everytime lowest in the market!!. 🔒

Its been an amazing journey to sell premium accounts to more than 6,000+ users and over 35,000+ Accounts. 🎉

But due to new restrictions by Netflix we are unable to provide accounts at previous full strength. 😢

As we move forward we will be limiting account selling on Netflix. 😞

We would still notify our users about new stock and price in this channel but all won’t be same this time. 💔

Indian Premium Hub will still be working for our users with our 2 New Services. 💜

IPH Store (Get Best Cloths and Accessories at lowest price guaranteed and Fastest Delivery) 🔥

IPH Deals (Tips , Tricks & Deals in Online World of Free) 🌹


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