Terms of Service

  • Private AccountNon-Private Account
    You are sole owner so you can make any changes like devices , screens , except emailAccount details maybe changed sometimes which leads to replacement.
    Accounts are sourced from many brand partnersAccounts are also known as "Cracked Accounts".
    Higher Validity Plans available.Only 1 Month Plan available.
    Private Account consist of our email or else customer making it accessible to no-one else.Non-Private is shared account subscriptions with some restriction like not changing details , no additional devices.
    Each Product Page has mention of whether its Private or Non-Private Account.

  • We Only Provide Refunds incase Replacement is not available. However you can choose another Product and pay excess amount according to warranty period left at the time of exchange.
  • Read Product description before buying and do follow notes as and when required.
  • Do not change Account details of the given order , even if did your warranty won’t continue for the rest of the order.
  • Replacement will be provided as long as warranty exist for the order. [Refer to 1 point for more].
  • Chargeback or Dispute on payments with payment gateways even for successfull orders will lead to Account and Warranty Termination.
  • If Payment fails on payment gateway page even on successfull transaction , do let us know so we can guide you futher. Contact Us.