NF Terms & Condition with Replacement Policy

NF Replacement / Refund Policy [Applicable from 19th October]

Warranty Accounts :- 59 Days

Non – Warranty Accounts – 24 Hours

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  • NF Accounts are sold with our domain email [Eg :- *******] , we also give Netflix account on temporary mail address.

  • NF resets password automatically when it detects unusual activity , do not worry if it shows ‘Incorrect Password’, head over to us on Social Media or Live chat

  • If Customers have any Urge to check Account Details then [Check Below Video]

[Remember] Please Do NOT directly open App > More > Account , Check Video for More Info.

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Terms & Conditions [For All]

  • You can Change Password but cannot change Email address.

[IMPORTANT] Change Password only using Firefox Focus , Duck Duck go app or else ask us to Password Reset , Check Video :-

  • DO NOT ask us to Change E-mail id which we don’t have access to like gmail , yahoo accounts.

  • Customer will not receive Replacement / Refund , If Additional email id is added to account. However we will still give support for Email Change or Password Reset. [Updated 24-02-2019]

  • [Android] Always clear data of Netflix app and then Reinstall / Install it , otherwise it will show error. [Refer to last 2 Images]
  • For PC / Laptop Users Never Use Official NF App for Windows , Only Stream through Secondary browser (Eg:- Opera , Brave ) so you can easily Clear data of whole browser and enjoy streaming , Guide is given below to Clear Cache [Updated on 03-12-2019]

Guide 1

Guide 2

  • [IOS USERS] IOS Users need to Reinstall NF app , Clear Cache Safari (or any default browser) and restart device to make sure you won’t get interrupted for a month [Updated 24-02-2019]


Replacement Policy

  • Replacement will be given within 12 hours if eligible , DO NOT ask “When will i get replacement?” repeatedly.

  • If you see this type of error in your account, then message us and we will surely give the replacement.

[Go to Account > Recent Streaming Activity to check error] (Updated 05-08-2019)

IPH replacement yes

  • If you see this type of Error in your account , then your account is not eligible for replacement , As Recently logged-in device caused this error !

[Go to Account > Recent Streaming Activity to check error] (Updated 05-08-2019)

IPH replacement no

Refund Policy

  • Refunds will be given when Replacement is Not Available.

  • Refunds will be credited back to your Source Account. Refunds take time to process depending on which payment method is used.

  • Refunds are given on basis of Number Of Days used with respect to Warranty Days.

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Research of few months - July 2020


For few months we saw that any trick we used , Netflix would disable accounts in 15-20 days even if it's genuine account.

So , we recently decided that - We would still be making 1 month account but with 15 days warranty only and almost half the price of previously sold accounts.

Please understand the situation and co-operate with us , we are also trying our best to provide great service.

Anyhoo , You can still request 1 Month Netflix with 30 Days warranty only if you understood the risks. (Contact us on Social Media or Whatsapp)

Devices Overview

Account can be used :-

• Android     • IPhone

• Tablet        • IPad

• Web Browsers [Windows / Mac ]

Account cannot be used on  :-

• Apple Tv       • Setup - box

• Mac OS      • Netflix for Windows 10 App

Account can be used on and eligible for Replacement / Refund  [This Period ] :-

• Smart Tv

Basic Formula

           (Buying Price ÷ Warranty Hours/Days) x Number of Days used = Total Amount

            Total Amount - Buying Price = Refund amount you will receive.